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Chef's Features

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Served with your choice of French Fries, Sweet Potato
Fries, Cole Slaw or Cup of Tomato, Cajun Chicken and
Corn Chowder, Soup of the Day or Garden Salad.

Apple Butter, Crispy Onion Chicken Burger
Housemade ground chicken mixed with sweet apple butter and fresh herbs, applewood bacon, crispy onion ring, Monterey jack cheese, toasted brioche roll 11.95

Classic Tuna Melt
Chunk light tuna salad served open face on buttered English muffin, bacon, tomato melted
Swiss cheese 10.95




Served with your choice of Creamy Tomato, Cajun Chicken
and Corn Chowder, Soup of the Day or Mixed Green Salad.

Falafel Tacos
Seasoned chickpea fritters, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, tahini drizzle, hot sauce finish, soft flour tortillas, beer battered potato crisps 14.95

Grilled Cowboy Pork Chop
Bone in center cut 12 ounce chop, served over sweet potato mash with broccoli au gratinand topped
with apple onion marmalade 17.95

Steak Oscar
Marinated sirloin steak medallions, sauteed and topped with jumbo claw crab meat, asparagus tips and hollandaise, served with horseradish infused mash 18.95




Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding
Fresh bananas, semi sweet chocolate chips, brioche bread, vanilla custard, vanilla ice cream,
chocolate drizzle, whipped cream 5.95

Key Lime Pie with Mango Sorbet
Classic Key Lime custard, buttery graham cracker
crust, served with mango sorbet and garnished
with whipped cream and sliced strawberries 6.50



Bar Features

Ithica Apricot Wheat
Smooth wheat beer. A hint of apricot gives this beer a pleasant nose, fruity finish 4.9% abv (16oz draft) 5.50

Shipyard Brewing, Pumpkinhead Ale
Refreshing wheat ale with delightful aromatics and subtle spice flavor including cinnamon and numeg.
4.7% ABV (16 oz draft) 5.50