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Monday, December 10, 2018



Bar Features

Deschutes Jubelale
Fgr A robust ale with a warming spice. 6% ABV 4.00

Bell’s Christmas Ale
A rich and malty ale with notes of caramel and a warm finish. 7.5% ABV 4.00


Served with your choice of French Fries, Sweet Potato
Fries, Cole Slaw or Cup of Tomato, Cajun Chicken and
Corn Chowder, Soup of the Day or Garden Salad.

Classic Corned Beef Special
Shaved corned beef, cole slaw, Russian dressing on marble rye bread 11.95

Roast Turkey and Pesto Panini
Oven roasted turkey, basil pesto sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, balsamic drizzle,
house baked bread 10.95




Served with your choice of Creamy Tomato, Cajun Chicken
and Corn Chowder, Soup of the Day or Mixed Green Salad.

Cherried Whiskey Barrel Pork Chops
Well seasoned twin center cut chops, topped with onion marmalade, bluye cheese, and whiskey marinated dried cherries, served with Yukon Gold mash potatoes
and grilled asparagus 15.95

Lobster Ravioli
Lobster and cheese filled ravioli, tossed with asparagus tips and sauteed mushrooms, in a tomato basil cream sauce, shaved parmesean cheese 16.95

Shrimp Penne with Crab Sauce
Sauteed Gulf shrimp tossed with sweet claw crab
sauce and penne pasta, topped with fresh tomato,
green onion and parmesean cheese 17.95




Dried Fruit Bread Pudding
Dried cranberries, golden raisins, cherries and walnuts, brioche bread, vanilla infused custard, vanilla ice cream, caramel drizzle, whipped cream

Pumpkin Cranberry Stack
Layers of pumpkin cake, pumpkin cheesecake, cranberry compote and walnut filling, served with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream 5.50